Industrial bearings for various purposes

We supply customers with industrial bearings of various types, classes and purposes. These are bearings of the RKB, IRAUNDI, GIB brands.

"PROMAX" engineering company

PROMAX EC is a confident and dynamic company that is constantly developing. Since 2006 and until today, we have been successfully working in the industrial sector of Ukraine, providing the needs of various industries in bearings of the highest level of quality and reliability. We deliver on time and provide a full range of technical support services.

Reliable bearings for the best price

An effective solution from the world's leading manufacturers

Bainite hardening and thermal stabilization of bearing rings

Additional reliability in extreme conditions

Made according to ISO, ANSI/ABMA, GOST standards

Each bearing corresponds to the declared characteristics

A complete range of bearings for a wide variety of industries

More than 7,200 types of bearings are available in stock

Delivery of necessary bearings within 5-7 days

We guarantee compliance with deadlines and the correctness of order completion

Individual solutions on payment terms

Favorable conditions for your company

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