RKB – premium industrial bearings from Switzerland

RKB Bearings. The range of RKB products is more than 8000 types of rolling bearings with an outer diameter up to 1925 mm, as well as various unique and non-standard bearings on request.

Such bearings are used in a variety of industrial areas: metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, offshore platforms, drilling rigs, chemical industry, electric motors and pumps, power engineering, construction, special and off-road machinery, pulp and paper, machine tools and other industries.


IRAUNDI – slewing rings and industrial bearings from Spain.

IRAUNDI – Spanish bearings for special purposes and for slewing mechanisms. European quality and a wide range of applications. IRAUNDI bearings are used in moving panels and partitions, elevator doors, roller tables and conveyors, sliding doors and windows, cranes, antennas and telescopes, packaging equipment.


GIB – high quality bearings for various industries.

We also distribute industrial bearings GIB – high quality products for different industries.  GIB-products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, oil, machinery, electric power, papermaking and cement etc. The success of GIB products is based on three main components: good quality, favorable price and convenient service.

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