Swivel bearings with actuator

This design (worm-driven slewing bearing) is a complete unit and is ready for installation. And it is also very easy to integrate this design into equipment that has already been installed.

The assembly consists of a ball bearing or rollers capable of supporting axial, radial and torque loads simultaneously, a hydraulic or electric motor to generate the relative motion between the two rings and a fully enclosed housing which protects the ring from dirt, damage and loss of lubrication.

In addition, these assemblies do not require any parts to be installed and are available in a wide range of several standard sizes. The following illustration shows all of the parts included in the assembly.

Crossed roller bearings

Inside a crossed roller bearing, the cylindrical rollers are arranged perpendicular to the adjacent roller in a 90º V-groove and separated from each other by a retaining ring. This design allows just one bearing to support loads in all directions, including radial, axial and moment loads.

Because the crossed roller bearing offers high rigidity despite the smallest possible inner and outer ring dimensions, it is ideal for applications such as industrial robotics joints and pivot points, machining center pivot points, robotic arm pivot points, precision rotary tables, cranes, medical equipment, measuring instruments and machines for IC production.

Special purpose bearings

Depending on the application or industry, IRAUNDI manufactures single or double row ball bearings, angular contact bearings, roller bearings, needle roller bearings and axial bearings.

Of all, the most commonly used bearing is the rigid ball bearing, given that although the bearing is designed to withstand radial loads, it can also absorb axial loads in both and can also absorb axial loads in both directions and operate at high speeds.

Rotary bearings

Rotary bearings are large-sized bearings that provide rotation between component parts in large-scale structures. These bearings are used on wind turbines, solar trackers, cranes and excavators, machining plants, rail cars, tunnel machines, etc.

Among the different types of slewing rings IRAUNDI produces are four-point angular contact ball bearings (single or double row), crossed roller bearings and three-row roller bearings.

The main components of a support ring are:

  • inner ring (a),
  • outer ring (b),
  • rolling elements (c),
  • spacer rings (d),
  • mounting bolt holes (f)
  • and seals (g)
  • to protect the raceways (h)
  • and to retain the grease previously introduced through the hole (i) inside the bearing.
  • The bearing may have teeth (e) on the inner or outer ring for meshing with the rotary drive.

Also, the gear teeth may not be present when the drive system is operated by a mechanism other than a gear train.

Deep groove spherical plain bearings

GIB deep groove spherical plain bearings have an inner ring with a spherical convex outer diameter and an outer ring with a correspondingly spherical but concave inner surface. Their design makes them particularly suitable for bearing assemblies where alignment movements between shaft and housing must be ensured or where oscillating or repetitive inclining or pivoting movements at relatively low sliding speeds, often accompanied by heavy loads, must be possible.

Outer spherical cylindrical roller bearing

Outer spherical cylindrical roller bearing is a full-return and sealed double row cylindrical roller bearing. The cylindrical roller is guided through the rib. Its performance remains the same as that of a conventionally configured cybndrical roller bearing. Its structure is classified as SL05—E and SL06—Eo. SL05…E is placed on the positioning end and SL06…E is placed on the non-positioning end. SL06..E can have axial displacement “S” with the values specified in the bearing size table.

Slewing bearing-support 

Slewing contact bearing is a special bearing capable of withstanding combined axial, radial load and overturning moment. Generally, the bearing is equipped with installation holes, lubrication hole and sealing device to meet the different requirements of the main equipment of different working conditions. In addition, slewing bearing has compact structure, convenient for guidance and rotation, easy to install and maintain. It is widely used slewing device for rigging and transportation equipment, earthmoving machinery, port equipment, medical equipment.

Single row tapered roller bearings

Single direction tapered roller thrust bearings are produced in three different designs. The first one features a shaft washer with a tapered raceway, a two–piece machined brass cage, one row of tapered rollers and a flat housing washer. They have a separable design so, washers and cage–tapered roller assembly can be mounted separately. They can accommodate axial forces only in one direction and are able to accept a small eccentricity between shaft and housing without compromising their performances. The second design has two identical tapered washers and a two–piece machined brass cage. It has a separable design so, washers and cage–tapered roller assembly can be mounted separately.

This configuration is normally suggested where very heavy axial loads acting only in one direction
have to be supported. On request for an increased carrying capacity, a full complement (cageless design) can be manufactured. Bearing TKSD design for screw down mechanism is subjected to extremely
heavy axial loads in one direction and, in order to maximize the load carrying capacity, this kind of bearing is normally full complement (cageless).

Cylindrical thrust roller bearings

Cylindrical thrust roller bearings manufactured by GIB are designed to support high axial loads (radial loads are not allowed for this type of bearings). The production program includes single and double-sided cylindrical roller thrust bearings with flat or spherical housing washers to meet any requirements in various industrial applications. Thanks to the improved internal geometry and the use of the most suitable raw materials, all GIB cylindrical roller bearings have the highest axial load capacity and the best reliability. Depending on the application requirements, GIB bearings are subjected to bainitic hardening (HB) and high temperature dimensional stabilization (S) can be applied to the bearing rings and rolling elements. Bearing dimensional accuracy and bearing precision meet ISO/ABMA/GOST specifications.

Unidirectional thrust ball bearings

The wide range of unidirectional thrust bearings designed and manufactured by GIB provides cost-effective solutions for the most demanding industries. Depending on the requirements of the equipment and operating conditions, these bearings can be individually configured and become a reliable and efficient way to increase the production capacity of the equipment.

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